Sunday, 22 June 2014

Giveaway Maxi dress yang cantik untuk pembaca bertuah
Kaler dia hijau zamrud (according to the blogshop). There is no body cutting. It's just flow to bottom. Material chiffon with satin lining. Oh ya, ada matching belt. 2 ways to wear it. Pakai belt or without belt. So not to worry if you S or XL you should be able to fit into this dress.


Okay kalau siapa berminat untuk diri sendiri or to give it away again ke apa.... ALL are invited to participate in this giveaway contest. The contest will run for 10 days from today till 23rd June 2014 11:59pm (kalau ada one entry je pun, then easier she/he will be the winner). After which I will start to draw for the winner. Macam mana nak pilih winner is through ballot.

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Jom join beramai-ramai, boleh meriahkan lagi Giveaway ni. Bestnya kalau jadi pemenang bolehlah hadiahkan pada wife tersayang dress ni, dah save budget beli baju baru untuk dia hehe... Mood sekarang mood berjimat selagi boleh...