Monday, 25 November 2013

OH MY ENGLISH -- PART IV (WITH AJ HOGE - Do I Really Need To Buy AJ Hoge's Lessons?)

Let's say it very loud: Noooo!, you don't have to buy Effortless English lessons to learn English using AJ Hoge's method. There is a lot of free materials created by AJ which you can use for free like MP3 Free Download or Video Lessons. You have internet connection - you have free education!

The most important thing in learning English by Effortless English method is to follow 7 rules. You can organize your own materials which you are going to use. You can ask your English teacher to record for you some lessons like Listen&Answer or Point of View, because you know how they works - it's not the secret!

Use Google search well to find materials that can be interesting for you, please don't download things boring for you. It just doesn't work well, always looking for interesting materials, maybe you have some hobby like music, art etc - follow website in English about these topics. It's so simple and funny.

Click here to check Effortless English lessons for yourself!

I like web development, it's my passion. So I follow website about it, I have my favourite channels on youtube that I subscribe. I'm member of forum about php programming where I talk with others, sometimes ask for help. That's my way! What's yours?

Once again you don't need AJ Hoge's lessons to become better English speaker!
"Sharing is Caring, Caring is Loving"...


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